Surf and Yoga Holidays Spain

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Surfing and Yoga Holidays Spain

The Surf Yoga Holidays have been designed with those people in mind who wish to disconnect from their everyday routine and chill out in a wonderfully relaxing environment, completely in touch with nature whilst taking part in Hatha Yoga classes with Monica.

Morning Surfing Lessons

Every morning you can take part in professional surfing lessons that are perfectly suited for complete beginner surfers. The step by step learn to surf approcah is a fantastic way to learn the wonderful sport of Surfing. The beaches of Conil de la Frontera where the Surfing lessons take place are an absolutely perfect environment. Warm sunshine and crystal clear waters with beautiful beginner waves to learn surfing.


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Every morning starts with a two hour surfing lesson on the beaches of Conil de la Frontera. After your surfing lessons you can lie out and relax on the beaches during the afternoons.

Your morning surfing lessons include Yoga for surfing combined with the surfing lessons.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening it is time to go to the Yoga Studio where we hold Hatha Yoga lessons. The Lessons are available for all levels and fitness abilities as the Yoga teacher will adapt the Yoga sessions to you.

Day 1 Sunday
On Arrival in Conil de la Frontera you will be meet at either the town centre bus stop or the Cruce de Conil bus stop (which is 2km´s outside the town centre.) From here you will be taken back to your accommodation to check in. Check in time to your accommodation from the hours of 15.00 until 23.00. Once you have checked in you will be briefed on the timings and locations of the weeks surfing lessons, and all other available activities during the week. Locations of all important landmarks and all questions answered.

Day 2 Monday
After a typical Andalusian breakfast at one of the many bars surrounding the accommodation make your way down to the designated Surf beach where the morning surfing lessons will be held.

  • After signing the booking form, size up for a wetsuit and then Yoga for surfing.
  • Once down the beach you will have a detailed introduction into safety and your equipment
  • Learn prone position and how to catch waves in prone position. Wade out into waist depth water (where you feet can touch the ground at all times) Catch waves into the beach lying down (prone position).
  • Once you can do this then come out of the water and learn three different techniques for how to stand up.
  • Finish the lesson off catching waves in prone then trying to stand up in the white water.

Break for lunch. Back in the afternoon for free surf practice sessions without your surfing instructor.

Hatha Yoga Session in the evening.

Day 3 Tuesday
Breakfast then down to the beach.

  • Yoga for Surfing.
  • Learn how to paddle.
  • Learn your pop-up choice and practice on beach with feedback from instructor.
  • Stance refinement.
  • How to dismount from the surf board.

Day 4 Wednesday
Breakfast then down to the beach.

  • Yoga for Surfing.
  • Catching waves out of depth (depending on the surf conditions).
  • Techniques to get you out through the whitewater paddling for and catching green waves.
  • Taking the drop

Hatha Yoga Session

Day 5 Thursday
Breakfast then down to the beach.

  • Yoga For Surfing.
  • Theory on surf etiquette, rules and regulations. Play out realistic scenarios on the beach.
  • Take off frontside backside.
  • Introduction to trimming the board in green waves
  • Introduction to the bottom turn.

Day 6 Friday
Breakfast. Then down to the beach.

  • Yoga for surfing
  • Introduction to Ocean Safety and beach life guarding techniques.
  • Explanation of beach environment, surfboard rescues etc.
  • Understanding surf and weather conditions and how they affect your surf experience.
  • Free surfing with Instructor feedback during the lesson.

Hatha Yoga

Day 7 Saturday
On Day 7 this is your last day and time to explore the local area. 
Day 8 Sunday
This is your last day and check out from the surf camp accommodation is at 12.00pm.


  • Evening Hatha Yoga Sessions
  • Morning Surfing Lessons
  • Beautiful beaches to practice surfing

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